How Origami is Useful in a Child’s Life

Japan is origami’s country of origin. It is the art of folding paper into interesting shapes. It used to be enjoyed by a few rich people in society, but as time passed, more people had access to it. It is known all over the world, and its benefits are enjoyed by many, of which children tend to gain the most.
Origami has been seen as a great way for children to learn how to follow instructions, as well as sharpening their motor skills. They shall also improve on their hand to eye coordination. As it excites the regions of the brain responsible for language, the shall get better language skills.

It also leads to development of other skills, such as spatial awareness, deciphering complex systems, math and order of things.

It is also a fun way for teachers to show students how to grasp complex mathematical concepts. They learn of all these when they see a flat piece of paper transform into a sculpture. It also is applicable for teachers who wish their students would identify geometrical shapes, know more about symmetry, get the idea behind fractions and proportions, and the ability to visualize angles.

It is also applicable in disciplines such as science and social studies. It has added benefits of making kids like creative writing, literature, and poetry.

It also applies to a child’s emotional development when it leads them to improve their memory, imagination, attention span, and self-esteem. As they are in the process of making the sculptures, they shall be so focused on the creation that they shall work through their stresses and anxiety. This is due to the concentration levels they need, which channels of the stress causers.

Origami can be practiced by any family type. It only requires a flat sheet of paper. Most children are already curious about the new activity. They shall have a fun time at no cost. It also does not need elaborate plans to be made, unlike other family events.

Children cam also do it on their own. They shall no longer be bored when they have free time. m They shall be engrossed in the activity, and rewards them with a sense of accomplishment. They can even present their sculptures when they are done.

Young children can get initiated into the art, and they shall grow up learning it. Their time spent doing this will prepare them for making the complex ones. There are many popular origami sculptures, the crane being among them. Children can start off with the simpler examples, and grow from there. As time goes, they shall learn the ones harder to make, and become proficient at it.

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