Effective Flea and Tick Treatment

These are parasites that fed on pets or any other host, and in the process they cause diseases. To prevent pets from being attacked by the parasites, it is proper to use recommended methods of treatment to get rid of them. Flea drop is for both cats and dogs, and it is perfect for eliminating the parasites. The treatment is placed on the skin of the animal, and it contains insecticides that eradicate the flea or the tick.

Natural remedies can be used to eradicate the parasite from where they are unwanted. Some plants can come in handy in eradicating the parasite, like the eucalyptus leaves are used to kill these parasites by rubbing them on the fur of the animal. The eucalyptus has a scent that is not liked by the parasites. A repellent known as the borax is nontoxic and it keeps the fleas away from the dog and the cat. Tick repellent is smeared on the collar of the animal to prevent the animals from being attacked by the ticks. Oil that is known as tickweed is effective in killing the fleas, the oil can be smeared on the carpet and couches.

Flea collars are used to get rid of parasites such as flea, the collars keep the flea way and prevent even future bites. This collar always work best if all the fleas are treated first from the pet that’s when the affectivity will be realized. Flea spray and powders have the power of making the parasites stay away from the pets. These powders and spray contain insecticides that effectively eliminates the flea.

Flea shampoo is good for killing the flea and ticks. Insecticide endowed shampoo is advised to e replaced with the flea shampoo by the vets. Powders and spray can be the solution if the shampoo in question causes allergic reactions to the pets.

The parasites are not into clean things so ensure that your home is clean, the pets should also be kept clean. Using chemicals to clean the house helps to eliminate the parasites from the house. Vacuuming all house not leaving any space unturned. New carpets are easy to manage, so in case your carpet gets old you need to buy a new one which is easy to manage. Fleas may be in your garden. Treatment should be done in the garden to ensure that the garden is free from parasites. The garden should be made clean, the parasites do not like to be in clean places. when there is an infestation you should also find your own medicine that can help you get rid of the parasite, because they also attack the human beings. Be Careful not to make your pets close with those of other people mostly at the parks.

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