Upholstery Cleaning Tips.

Remember the feeling of pride when that new sofa was finally delivered to your house on the day you acquired? In instances like this, pride is usually accompanied by a resolve to always do anything possible to help maintain the appearance of your upholstery. As days go by, however, this appearance will indeed to be replaced by a dull look due to dust and other forms of dirt that settle in the surface of your couch. As much as it may be inevitable, the experience of having a dark patch due to spills on the fabric is usually heartbreaking. This calls for a thorough upholstery cleaning process. What’s definitely within your purview at this time as a homeowner concerning a regular upholstery cleaning is either DIY or by hiring a professional cleaner. Whether you choose to handle the task or hire a professional cleaner, several similar steps should be followed.

Vacuum Cleaning.

The initial step of any cleaning procedure involves running the vacuum cleaner throughout the fabric, including crevices, cracks, and cushions. Your couch or sofa may appear faded discolored or too dull. This scenario may be as a result of dirt and other impurities that will have accumulated alongside factors such as pets, children, and guests. By using the vacuum cleaner on this fabric, all the impurities will be eliminated without sinking the dirt further into the material by wetting the surface.

Cleaning Agents

Your choice of cleaning agent depends on two factors, first one being the type of fabric used in the upholstery. Not only does identifying the material influence your choice of the agent, but also defines the method or technique you will use. Examples of materials include silk, wool, cotton, leather, and rayon, and each has its own method of cleaning. For instance, the cleaning technique and agent used to clean cotton would be different from that one used in leather.

Reputed and reliable professional upholstery cleaners are aware of the different fabrics and how to handle them due to their experience. But a homeowner may lack that knowhow and may be forced to carry out a research on the appropriate steps. In such instances, the homeowner may rely on tags to get the information on how to treat the specific fabrics.

Stain Removal.

Just like fabric, stains will also determine the type of cleaning agent to use. Just like the upholstery fabric, stains vary in characteristics, and they are classified according to their origins such as dirt, oil, food, and drinks. Since each would require specific cleaning methods and agents, the decision on how to handle it best lies with the individual.

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