Things to Understand in Growing Marijuana

What you should understand is that choosing a variety is very essential when it comes to growing marijuana. The quantity and yields of those plants which are being grown under the artificial lights would actually depend on the variety of the seed or if the plants are being grown from the clones or seeds. Also, you will have to consider the number of days of growing those plants are placed into flowering as well as the optimization of such climatic conditions of such grow-room.

Surely, there has been an increase in the growing of cannabis indoors. When such is done right, then this is going to produce great quality which is often much better than getting sold on streets. You have to know as well that growing cannabis indoors would depend on the use of those powerful artificial lights in order to replicate the sun’s effect. Such lights would take hundreds of Watts of electrical power in order to run and are often HPS but fluorescent lights, LED light, metal halide and also other types have all been used successfully.

The cannabis loves light and that successful indoor grower would try to deliver so much light too. You need to have 250 watts/m2 being the minimum starting point and aim for two to three times that level when you can. When there is more light, then there can be denser as well as bigger buds and you will get to enjoy bigger yields too. You have to keep in mind that the successful indoor grower should use high light to ensure that the plants get to close to the light maximizing the intensity to be able to reach the leaves as well as buds of the plants. Usually, the personal recreational or medical grower will have such growing area of one to two square meters below one 400W or 600W HPS lamp.

Indoor cannabis grower should be careful that the plant won’t grow really near to the hot light and damage itself. When the light would feel cool to the back of the hand, this will be cool for the plants as well. When using the 400W lamp, the growers won’t grow the plants to 40 to 50 cm of the bulb. Such cannabis plants can also be bent over and tied if they become too tall. Some indoor growers would also train the plants in this way to get much of the plant near the high intensity light.

Certain strains would respond quite well by pinching out such growing tip of the plant after the 4th or the 5th leaf pair. This would result to plants which are smaller and bushy with no dominant main growth stem and they are preferred for those smaller growrooms.

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