Why Aeration and Leaves Removal is Essential to Your Lawn

Knowing that aeration of the lawn tends to be very important in rejuvenating its growth. Where one aerates a garden, he or she tends to control thatch, create growth pockets for new roots as well as improve soil structure allowing easy penetration of the new roots. The aerator also tend to open a way for both the water as well as fertilizer allowing even better growth of the lawn. One would need to do aeration more where the soil in question is heavy clay soils. One may also need to do aeration where the lawn has a thatch buildup or even any other lawn that has thickened up.

Among the best lawn companies will ensure that they come with the aerator machine which removes small cores of soil from the lawn in question. The cores tend to get back into the lawn after a few rainfalls which tend to mix with the thatch in the lawn. The aerator also tends to create holes which catch both fertilizer and water. One would need to make sure he or she has the roots grow into the holes. It would also be essential to note that soil tends to get compact and hence aeration comes in to release the pressure in question. After the release of the pressure, the water, and the oxygen tend to move freely into the lawn making it healthier.

One would also need to note that thatch in the lawn is more like a thatched roof. The layer of stems, roots, as well as any other plant part, tend to shed water and also tend to prevent fertilizers from getting into the soil. One may also incur a heavy cost on renovation where he or she allows too much thatch. Where one ensures regular aeration, thatch tend to break down faster and mix with the soil cores something which speeds up decomposition. As a result, it would be modest for one to ensure that aeration is done at least once in every year.

Leaves on the lawn as well tend to inhibit the lawn. As one hires an aeration company, one would need to be sure that it also collects leaves. One would need to note that leaves tend to block sunlight from reaching the growth in the lawn something which may make it turn yellow. One as a result would need to make sure that the company he or she hires not only does aeration but also gets rid of all the leaves in the lawn. Snow also tend to be very destructive to the lawn. One would be lucky to find a company with machinery capable of handling snow, aeration as well as leaves removal.

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